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Survive the nightmare playing as
3 different characters

Immerse yourself neck-deep in the horrors of the town of Keen Sight.
From three unique perspectives that intertwine, uncover the final truth of what happened in Northwestern America in 1998…

Are you ready to face your fears?

Dreadful and truly deadly creatures roam the streets of Keen Sight.
Confront the unspeakable horrors that lurk in the shadows and the monsters that thrive by devouring your flesh

Visit Keen Sight, Idaho

Unravel the obscured past of Keen Sight, a peaceful and quiet town tucked away in the seemingly endless woods of Idaho. Stunning and immersive 3D environments, both indoor and outdoor, await you in the absolutely terrifying yet equally thrilling adventure that is Daymare: 1998.



There isn’t much info on the H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) special agent, codename Liev. Most probably he was born in Russia and has a Russian military record. Follows orders and procedures without any care about their consequences or collateral damage. The mission is his creed. Perfectly trained in hand-to-hand, cold weapon and firearms combat


Raven is a Senior Pilot of the Hexacore Air Force unit called “4RG0 Delta” as well as a member of the Crimson Skulls. He used to be a NASA pilot, but was discharged after a failed mission, the details of which are highly classified. All that is known is that a comrade lost his life in action. Raven still carries marks of the accident on his skin.


Samuel is a ranger of the Redcrest Mountains, where the Vermilion Forest branches out to surround Keen Sight. Like some other Keen Sight citizens, he suffers from a medical condition known as “Daymare Syndrome” that causes anxiety disorder, paranoia and hallucinations. Although not proven, there is a possible link between Samuel’s condition and the presence of the government corporation Hexacore Biogenetics in the area.


Welcome to Keen Sight

Your summer starts with Keen Sight, Idaho. A charming town with a long tradition and rich history awaits you amidst the stunning scenery of the surrounding Redcrest Mountains. Come and enjoy pleasant, relaxing moments in one of our hotels, camp in the beautiful Vermilion Forest, fish in the quiet Bear River or stop along the historic Lewis and Clark trail route, where our ancestors laid the foundation-stone. And, if you would like to take part in a truly unique experience, join us in August for a refreshing and original taste of apples at the Annual Apple Blossom Fair, a tradition that Keen Sighters have been celebrating every summer for over 80 years!

Keen Sight has partnered with Hexacore Biogenetics, in order to generate growth and stability during the years. The Company takes care of most of the 27.000 citizens of our town as employees, making Keen Sight a safer place, dedicated to families. Hexacore Biogenetics has helped to create many public facilities in order to make this town a better home for everyone.

Enjoy your stay in our lovely city!

Thank you.

Neil Carson,
Keen Sight Mayor

August, 1998



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