Your summer starts with Keen Sight, Idaho. A charming town with a long tradition and history awaits you amidst stunning scenery in the heart of the Redcrest Mountains. Come and enjoy a pleasant, relaxing moment in one of our hotels, camp in the beautiful Vermilion Forest, fish in the quiet Bear River or stop along the historic Lewis and Clark trail route where our ancestors laid the foundation-stone. And if you would like to take part in a truly unique experience, join us in August for a refreshing and original taste of apples at the Annual Apple Blossom Fair, a tradition that Keen Sighters have been celebrating every summer for over 80 years!


Keen Sight has partnered with Hexacore Biogenetics, in order to generate growth and stability during the years. The Company takes care of most of the 27.000 citizens of our town as employees, making of Keen Sight a safer place dedicated to families. Hexacore Biogenetics have helped to create many public facilities to make this town a better home for everyone.


Please enjoy your stay in my lovely city.


Thank you.


Neil Carson,
Keen Sight Mayor


August, 1998

Hexacore - Daymare: 1998